Single Mom Creates Miniature Dolls Of Loved Ones To Help Children Deal With Separation Anxiety

by Olivia Jakiel
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Now this is a brilliant idea I think we can all get behind!

A 39-year-old single mother named Debbie Lynn Rutkowski is helping children overcome separation anxiety and/or losing a loved one by creating special miniature doll versions for kids.

Debbie first got the idea when her 5-year-old son, Nathan, was nervous about starting kindergarten. She sent him to school with a miniature version of herself clipped to his belt, so he knew she always right there with him.

Everyone together now: Aww!

“Nathan was extremely anxious about going to kindergarten [so] I made it so he could take me with him,” she told Caters News. “He and I were quite connected, he is just a very sweet loving kid, so was very unsure of himself when going to school as he was a very young five-year-old. I wondered if I could make a tiny version of me, something discreet that he could hide if he was not comfortable showing it. I wanted to do something for him and I did see a big difference in him, he would ask for it every day and it gave him comfort.”

Soon, Nathan’s friends wanted dolls of their own, and within a year, Pocket People was formed. Debbie has been making the dolls for over three years now and has helped more than 500 kids dealing with anxiety. It takes her about an hour to complete each doll, and she sells them online for $8 apiece.

Debbie also insists that Pocket People aren’t just for children; they help people of all ages! “They are not just for little kids but for adults, autistic children, and others,” she continued. “They have been used in every way to help with divorce, anxiety, separation anxiety, separation from military parents and more.”

What a cool idea!

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