Hairstylist Mom Cradles Her Baby In Her Lap While Working On Customer And Everyone Loves It

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Being a hairstylist is hard work.

It can take years of schooling, putting up with impolite customers, unusual hours, and some serious stress on the body — but the rewards can be so worth it.

Mimi Ustunluk has made all those sacrifices in order to open her own hair salon, the Braid Shop, in Clifton, New Jersey. However, one thing she won’t sacrifice is time with her baby.

In fact, she can still do her incredible work on customers’ hair with her baby on her lap.

The video below has gotten massive attention all over the internet because of Mimi’s amazing ability to multitask. Talk about a dedicated mama!

Although this video has been impressing moms all over the world, it’s par for the course for Mimi. She told LittleThings: “I am dedicated to uplifting and supporting other mom-preneurs… My team and I look for ways to promote and uplift other mom-preneurs through promotion on my social media platforms and inviting them to the shop to share their goodies with my amazing clients. It’s a nurturing environment that I am very proud of.”

Mimi is doing good work for moms, babies, and people with hair all over the world, all from her home base in Clifton.

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Footage provided by Mimis Braids 

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