Dad Thinks Mom Is Exaggerating When She Says She’s Giving Birth In The Car Til Baby Pops Out

by Emerald Pellot
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When Evonna Byrd’s water broke, she, her husband Chris, and their two children began the 15-minute drive to the hospital. However, three minutes into the trip, Evonna noticed the baby’s head already emerging between her legs.

Chris thought Evonna was exaggerating when he heard this — until he saw the baby’s shoulders start to appear. Just a few moments later, baby Ezra was delivered into her mother’s baggy sweatpants. They were still 10 minutes away from the hospital.

“It’s truly a miracle. Once we actually got to the hospital, there were no complications, and we were able to go home in two days,” Evonna said.

Evonna said the pain was excruciating, and she feared for her life, but once Chris realized what was really happening, he kicked into high gear. Their two children, Crystal and Christopher Jr., were in the back seat the entire time.

“Chris’ adrenaline was pumping so hard and fast. He knew that he would just have to be our superhero. We didn’t have time to wait for an ambulance or any police. He just had to get us there,” she said.

“The nurses and doctors looked pretty shocked,” Evonna added. “They must not see something like that often. They kept saying how strong I was, because I made it through.”

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