Mom Defends Her Son After A Stranger Says His Toy Is Too ‘Girly’

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to come across a parent who is inclined to deny their child toys meant for the opposite gender.

This means that girls don’t play with “boy” toys like race cars and building blocks, and boys can’t have “girl” toys like dolls or strollers. But more and more parents are claiming that there is no such thing as a gendered toy, and that their child has the right to play with anything he or she wants. These parents defend themselves: there is no such thing as a “bad” toy!

Rheann MacLaren is the mom of 3-year-old Harry, and the two were in a store when the little boy was approached by a complete stranger.

The woman walked up to Harry and criticized the fact that he was playing with a pink stroller.

Rheann was upset and angered by the woman’s speech. So she took to social media to fight back against the misconception that toys are necessarily meant for one gender or the other.

Scroll down to read this mom’s fighting words…

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Rheann MacLaren was utterly shocked and dismayed by what a complete stranger had to say to her 3-year-old son, Harry, when he picked out a pink stroller at the store to play with. The mom didn’t hesitate to post on social media exactly what she thinks about her son’s choice, and the woman’s prejudice.

She writes:

“To the customer in the toy shop:

I saw the looks you gave me and my three year old son today. I saw the way you watched him pick out the pink dolls pram and push it round the shop with pure joy. I saw the way you came over frowning at a child simply enjoying a toy.
I listened as you tried to belittle my son for his choice of toy.”

“‘Oh you don’t want that, it’s just for girls, not boys! It’s all pink and girly. There’s cars and dinosaurs over there, why would you want that girly thing?!’
That’s what you felt you had the right to say to a small child who you’d never met before in your life. I was about to have a go at you, tell you off for being so judgmental and critical of a small child — but my boy got there first, and answered you so much better than I could’ve;
‘Cos I like it.'”

“It’s literally that simple. It’s not about the colour of it, the labels behind it, the way it looks… It’s about the fact my child looked at it and thought it looked fun to play with. He pushed it all the way home from the shop proud as punch with his new toy, he told me about how he’s going to put his baby dolly in it and push it to the shops for its milk, because yes, shock horror, my son has a dolly, too.”

His favourite toys are his cars, his trucks, his bus… He love dinosaurs and monsters, he’s happiest when he’s outside playing in the mud and puddles… But sometimes he likes to play with a doll and pram, he’ll play in the toy kitchen and pretend to do ironing, he likes pink things and watches with fascination when I put my makeup on.” 

Am I worried? No, not in the slightest. My child will grow up a well-rounded, accepting boy who will NEVER feel pressured to conform to gender stereotypes.”

I really hope you saw how happy he looked as he walked out the shop with his girly pink dolls pram and think twice about saying anything similar to a complete stranger again.”

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