Mom Defends Son After Bullies Have His Photo Taken Offline For Being An ‘Abomination’

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Harry Beswick is a 12-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent, England. He is a twin to his brother, Oliver, although Oliver is technically three minutes older.

Harry was born with Goldenhar syndrome. As a result, he is missing an eye, eye socket, a nostril, and an ear on one side of his face. His mom writes that Harry is also autistic, nonverbal, and has a global-learning delay.

Harry and Oliver’s mom, Charlie, documents life with her twin boys on her blog and Instagram, where she often shares photos of her sweet sons. Most people online are super-kind and supportive of Harry. Recently, however, some bullies nearly got the better of him.

Charlie posted a heartwarming selfie with her son, but bullies reported it so much that it was eventually taken down by Instagram’s staff.

That’s when Charlie had enough — and came rushing to her son’s defense.

Keep scrolling to see which picture was taken down and how Charlie handled it.

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Harry, Charlie, and Oliver

Twelve-year-old twins Harry and Oliver are a regular sight on mom Charlie’s Instagram account. She has 12,000 followers who come back every day to see photos of her sweet sons.

Harry was born with Goldenhar syndrome, which, among other things, means he has only one eye. Most of the time, he wears a prosthetic eye.

Sometimes, though, Harry doesn’t have his prosthetic eye in. In this case, Charlie writes that Harry’s dad accidentally forgot the eye on a table at home.


But when Charlie shared that picture on Instagram, some users began to bully her son. DailyMail reports that people called him everything from a “monster” to an “abomination.” Sadly, this is abuse Charlie is used to. But this time, some people even reported the image to Instagram, resulting in the website taking it down.

Charlie and Harry

Charlie was understandably distraught. She told DailyMail that she “felt quite offended, quite confused.”

She reached out on Twitter for support, and Instagram eventually put the photo back online. Instagram told DailyMail that the removal was a “mistake.” As soon as they realized they had made a mistake, they put the picture back online.

comments on Charlie's Instagram

Once the photo was back up, thousands of Charlie’s followers expressed their support for her and Harry — and their disapproval of Harry’s bullies.

Charlie writes, “Note to the person who reported the last image of my son like this. It’s his FACE. If you’re offended then scroll past. Shame on you!”

Harry and Oliver

Luckily for Harry, he’s got all the love and support he needs at home. Charlie writes, “Oliver is his brother’s fiercest protector.”


At the end of the day, all that matters is that Harry is happy, healthy, and safe. I think it’s really brave of Charlie to stand up for her son against some pretty cruel haters.

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