Mom Gets Divorced And Spends $58,000 On Plastic Surgery To Become Her Daughter’s Twin

by June Rivers
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Janet Horrocks split from her husband in 2001. The following year, the UK mother was divorced and ready to start a brand new chapter.

However, she felt bad about the way she looked.

Janet, an accountant, had put on weight and felt “dowdy and unattractive.” She looked at her twenty-something daughter, Jane, and thought, “I used to have a figure like yours.”

That’s when Janet began her physical transformation — in an effort to look like her daughter’s twin sister!

Not only did Janet lose 30 pounds, dye her hair bleach-blonde and get hair extensions, but she had two breast augmentations, an eye-lift, a nose job and veneers.

Now in her late fifties, Janet has spent tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and treatments. Her beauty regime includes regular Botox and fillers just to keep up with her daughter’s looks.

“She got her looks from me in the first place,” Janet says. “All I am doing is just maintaining that look.”

It wasn’t long before strangers began commenting on how similar the mother-daughter duo looked. When out in public, people assume they’re sisters.

But wait until you see how Jane reacted when she first saw her mother’s transformation.

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