Mom And Daughter Who Haven’t Felt Sexy In Years Undergo Drastic Double Makeover At Same Time

by Amy Paige
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Linda and Melissa are a mother-daughter duo from Long Island who were, at one point, both in dire need of a little pampering.

For nearly five years, Melissa worked tirelessly on losing weight and getting healthier. She lost a whopping 188 pounds, but was pretty clueless when it came to updating her closet to match her new body. Not to mention her hair, which had been styled exactly the same since high school … just with a lot more grays.

The apple didn’t far fall from the tree, because Melissa’s mom Linda also wore the same clothing and hair — for 30 years straight!

Linda wanted to see her daughter in clothes that finally flattered her curves, but also highlighted her inner beauty and confidence.

Melissa, on the other hand, wanted to see her mom with a more youthful hairstyle and wardrobe.

The pair turned to the style experts at The Rachael Ray Show and agreed to undergo a simultaneous double makeover.

They were far more anxious and excited about seeing each other than seeing themselves.

“I’m more concerned about seeing what she looks like at the end than what I’m going to look like at the end,” Melissa said.

In fact, Melissa and Linda both saw their own “after” looks, but they wanted to be surprised by one another’s makeover on stage.

Their transformations are really awesome. Linda and Melissa look so much more glamorous with their modernized makeovers … and most importantly, they look happier and more confident.

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