Bride-To-Be Discovers She Has Rare Stage 4 Brain Cancer Just Months Before Wedding Day

by Kat Manos
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You never really can be prepared to hear that someone you know has cancer. It’s a complicated, scary, and devastating time.

So I can only imagine the heartache after learning that two people close to you have cancer at the same time.

Yet Jennie Bishop of Chicago knows that exact feeling. Both her mother and sister have battled different forms of cancer; both were diagnosed at stage 4.

“I do live in a state of complete denial. I don’t know any other way, really,” Jennie explained to WBBM Chicago. She added: “I’ve never done this with two family members — my mom and my sister, which is ridiculous.”

Susan Bishop, the family matriarch, was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer three years ago. During that time, she endured 26 chemotherapy treatments, and she still battles it today.

Then, around this time last year, Susan’s daughter Katie was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that completely changed their lives.

Katie was diagnosed only months before her own wedding.

“Thirty-seven years old and I have a stage 4 brain tumor,” Katie told WBBM Chicago. “I hadn’t even hear the word ‘glioblastoma.’ I didn’t even know what it meant.”

Fortunately, just a few weeks ago, Katie received a clear brain scan, signaling the end of her chemotherapy.

While both Katie and Susan have completed their treatments, they still participate in Cycle for Survival, a biking event that helps raise money for cancer fighters.

It’s inspiring to see a family come out so strong after fighting such a difficult battle together.

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