Mom Defends Daily Weigh-Ins For 6-Year-Old Daughter To Stop Her From Gaining Weight

by Amy Paige
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A London mom named Nadia said she gained about 50 pounds after the birth of her first child. Determined to take off the baby weight, Nadia started going to weight-loss classes, learned about portion control, and eventually returned to her ideal size.

But then bullies at school began teasing her 6-year-old daughter, Shifaria. They called her names like “Chubby,” and it broke Nadia’s heart.

Instead of rounding up the other parents at school, thinking it would be a moot point, Nadia began monitoring Shifaria’s weight by having her step on the scale every day.

In an article she wrote for The Sun, the mother of three said: “Instead I preferred to help her with her weight and self-esteem. While I can’t control what her friends say about her I can do this. When those children said she was chubby, I reassured her that she wasn’t and I always tell her she is beautiful. But, practically, by weighing her I am keeping an eye on her puppy fat.”

“It’s something I did with my eldest, too,” she continued. “She also went through a stage of having puppy fat. Today Iman is slim and has lost her puppy fat weight. As she has grown older she has lost the sweet tooth she had at her younger sister age.”

Nadia insists these daily weigh-ins won’t leave a negative psychological mark on her kids, but her maintenance technique is drawing heavy criticism from viewers around the world.

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