Mom Makes Bold Decision To Cut Up Her Wedding Dress, Turns It Into Incredible Christmas Decor

by Kate Taylor
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A wedding dress is usually an expensive piece of clothing that only gets worn once, though that doesn’t stop it from holding an incredible amount of sentimental value.

For most women, their wedding dress holds a special place in their hearts and in their attics or closets. If you’re lucky, your daughter might even want to wear it!

However, one mom from Niagara Falls decided to do something drastically different with her wedding dress.

Styles have changed a lot over the past few decades and Tess Heidelberger’s daughter didn’t jump at the opportunity to have her mom’s fluffy wedding dress on hold for her future big day.

Instead of taking up valuable storage space, Tess decided to do something pretty unique with her old dress. Of course, she didn’t want to throw it out, so instead, she got creative.

The mom brilliantly decided that her fluffy gown could be repurposed as a Christmas tree skirt. Tess does admit that the first cut was the hardest, but that once she started realizing that she was giving the dress new life, it felt liberating.

Now instead of sitting unnoticed in her basement, the fluffy white Christmas tree skirt is being proudly displayed under her family’s tree!

Tess says that now the tree looks like it’s floating on a cloud, indicating that the pain of the first cut was indeed worth it.

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