Baby Dies In Womb, Then Grieving Mom Visits Cemetery To Find Child’s Grave ‘Calling Out’ To Her

by June Rivers
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Two years ago, Nicole Wieringa was 17 weeks pregnant with her third daughter when her doctor discovered the baby had died in the womb.

She was absolutely devastated.

Doctors think a blood clot in Nicole’s placenta caused the late miscarriage, but didn’t know for sure.

The following day, Nicole experienced something no mother should have to endure. She was induced at the hospital and gave birth to Finley Grace. She buried her shortly thereafter.

In the wake of the tragic loss, Nicole struggled through her stages of grief, trying to grapple with the confusion and sense of loneliness. Then, one day, she had an idea that would give Finley Grace a voice, and hopefully bring her some healing.

Nicole began visiting the Riverside Cemetery in Hastings, Michigan. Back and forth, she’d walk the graves and search for headstones where children were buried, from newborns to teenagers.

Nicole instantly felt a connection to these graves, and she didn’t want the parents of those buried there to feel alone like she did. So, she took out her green bucket filled with an assortment of very special rocks, and did something that sparked a change within herself.

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Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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