Mom Places Decorations On Son’s Grave To Honor His ‘Cowboy Spirit,’ Keeps Finding Them In Trash

by Amy Paige
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In 2016, Cole Wohle was participating in a rodeo event days after his 18th birthday when he suffered a sudden heart attack and died.

After he was laid to rest, Cole’s family started a new tradition. For every holiday, they would visit his cemetery plot in New Hampshire and decorate his gravesite with festive trinkets.

Cole’s mother, Christina, knew better than anyone just how bright and funny he truly was. Cole loved a good joke and making people smile.

During the Halloween season, Christina found a skeleton decoration that appeared as though it was popping out of the soil. She instantly knew Cole would’ve found humor in the silly skeleton, and she came up with a plan to use it at his grave.

Christina and her other son brought the Halloween decor to the cemetery, set up the skeleton, and placed a cowboy hat on the skull. They felt it was the perfect way to honor Cole’s “cowboy spirit.”

They snapped photos of the headstone and sent it to their loved ones. “Cole popped up to say Happy Halloween to y’all,” Christina wrote.

Cole’s friends and family took joy in and appreciated the lighthearted joke during such a dark time of grief.

But Christina’s fitting tribute to her beloved son was suddenly taken away from her …

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