Mom With Cancer Looks Unrecognizable After Daughter Gives Her A Total Makeover On Camera

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

For many people, looking good equates to feeling good. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances completely out of our control take hold and stop us from doing what we want to do and looking how we want to look. In those instances, a makeover can make a difference!

Freelance makeup artist and YouTube blogger Nadina Ioana understands this very well.

Her YouTube is based on her own original makeup tutorials, though she recently decided to do a very special video: a tutorial meant to transform cancer patients who have found themselves unrecognizable after chemotherapy treatments.

Ioana even used her own mom as the subject of the transformation.

Completely bald with pale skin, Mom is seen in the video sitting with her chin held high as Ioana begins the makeover, listing what items she is using as she goes along.

Slowly, the transformation takes shape.

First, the eyebrows are filled in. Then, Ioana works on her mom’s skin, filling it with the same color and vibrancy she undoubtedly had before the chemo treatments.

Mom’s eyes begin to pop as the transformation reaches its climax.

Finally, with one well-applied wig, Ioana’s mom is a completely different person from the one who originally sat in her chair at the start of the video. We have to say that while she was totally transformed by the end, she’s a beautiful woman no matter her look. The best part of this whole video may be her smile, which blossoms into a bigger, brighter grin by the end of the makeover. She deserves nothing but the best!

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