After Husband Dies Suddenly, Wife And 2 Kids Build A Tiny House For A Drastic Lifestyle Change

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

When Alysha’s husband, Pete, died of cancer at the age of 32, she was suddenly thrust into life as a young widow with two kids to raise. Up until Pete’s death, Alysha had only dreamed of adopting a simpler lifestyle.

Now on her own, she finally decided to turn the idea of reduced spending, reduced waste and conscious living into a reality for her grieving family  — by moving into a tiny home.

Pete’s death forced Alysha to re-evaluate her life, as she describes on her blog, Living Beyond Loss. By focusing less on maintenance and more on relationships, Alysha and her two children could return to what was most important.

“By moving into a tiny house it was going to be the impetus for us to being to live life intentionally,” she says.

Alysha and her two kids moved into a tiny house in Red Bluff, California, built by architect Todd Miller. The 260-square-foot home, which is built on an 8×20 trailer, offers them all the amenities they need while cutting out the possessions she feels are unnecessary.

In the video below, courtesy of Respectful Revolution, Alysha gives viewers a tour of her family’s tiny house, in which she’s learned to truly live beyond loss. I

‘m truly impressed by Alysha’s courage, unbreakable spirit, and her ability to raise her children in such a creative and unconventional environment.

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Image Credit: Alysha St. Germain Video Credit: Respectful Revolution / Facebook / YouTube

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