Husband Dumps Wife After She Gets Disfigured By Campfire But He Doesn’t Expect Her Comeback

by Amy P
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On September 30, 2016, Courtney Waldon was badly burned in a horrific campfire accident at the age of 27.

Her husband went to put gas on the fire, and it shot up and engulfed Courtney in flames. The new mother from Tallapoosa, Georgia, suffered excruciating pain and burns covering more than 40% of her face and body.

Courtney underwent several skin grafts, seven surgeries and spent 51 days in the ICU Burn Unit. Over the next two years, her doctor estimates she’ll need about 12 more surgeries.

Two weeks after she was released from the hospital, Courtney’s husband abandoned her and her 4-year-old daughter, Caroline.

This left Courtney with no income. Since she has severe and possibly permanent injuries to her hands, she may never be able to work again.

With her medical bills piling up, Courtney was forced to leave her house. She and Caroline were homeless.

Courtney was so lucky to be alive, but things couldn’t have been any worse…

But when the local community and church heard Courtney’s story, the members banded together to do the unthinkable for Courtney and Caroline. It’s something that has restored her faith in humanity.

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If you would like to help Courtney in any way, please visit her GoFundMe page. “We are in very desperate need of funding for this and her huge pile of medical bills that keep rolling in,” Courtney’s mother writes.

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