Mom Anonymously Builds Gnome Home In Tribute To Another Mom’s Loss

by Jillian Gorry
After a short stint as a classically trained singer, Jillian decided to pursue her love of writing by serving a number of publications. She’s an active blogger, traveler, and dog-lover who likes to de-stress by listening to film soundtracks. When she isn’t writing, she’s leveling up her archery and lock-picking skills in yet another video game.

Four children cluster around a tree in their local park, clamoring for a glimpse at what’s mysteriously appeared seemingly overnight: gnome houses. (They’re a lot like fairy doors!) Following in the footsteps of the dad who built one for his kids out of a repurposed tree stump, this video chronicles a random act of kindness that blossomed into a full-scale adventure, touching the lives of two very different families.

In Overland Park, KS, there used to be a magical place dubbed “Firefly Forest.” There, a tiny gnome community of intricate and whimsical design was built — and left — in various places along the park path. No one could figure out who was behind this pop-up little village, but the local kids were absolutely delighted by it. (Quite frankly, I would be, too.) Several people left notes hanging from clothespins, though one message in particular stopped the anonymous builder short.

“In memory of Allie Fisher,” it read, with the dates 10/16/09 – 6/13/13 written below it. She was just 3 years old when she died of brain cancer. Robyn, the woman behind the gnome houses, knew exactly what she had to do.

The next time Kelly and her family visited the park, she was shocked to find an entirely new gnome house — one named after her daughter, Allie. How her story intertwines with Robyn’s was absolutely beautiful to witness, and I highly recommend you watch the entire video!

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