Woman Says She’s ‘Worst Mom Ever’ For Brushing Off Child’s Pain That Turns Out To Be Broken Toes

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

There is no doubt about it: being a mom is a tough job! They are always supposed to have all the answers — even when they’re unsure.

When a mom named Kristen Hewitt was told by her daughter that her foot was hurting, she figured it was nothing major.

“I thought she had stubbed her toe and was putting on yet another dramatic performance,” Kristen explained on her site. “She’s the queen of injuries, usually getting hurt in some form at least twice a day.”

Kristen thought she was doing the right thing. She iced her daughter’s foot and gave her some pain medication. After a doctor’s appointment confirmed she’d actually had broken toes, the mom felt absolutely horrible about brushing off her daughter’s pain.

She took to her Facebook to talk about her experience and received a ton of love and support from parents all over the country who have done the same exact thing.

Keep scrolling to see how other parents helped Kristen out.

Photos: Facebook 1, 2 / Kristen Hewitt

Kristen Hewitt is a busy mom and TV journalist.

She has two adorable little girls whom she regularly blogs about on her website.

On January 10, 2018, she posted about an incident that occurred with her eldest daughter, Lila.

Kristen explained that she and her daughters were “running around the house, having a tickle fight” when her oldest daughter started to cry.

Kristen admitted that she didn’t think much of her daughter’s pain and treated it like any minor injury.

“I elevated her foot, inspected her toe which had slammed into the corner of the entertainment center, and iced it,” she wrote on her site. “When she was still upset and in pain an hour later I gave her Advil and put her to bed.”

When the mom decided to take her daughter to the doctor, they learned she had not one but two broken toes.

Kristen decided to post the story to her Facebook because she felt guilty that she didn’t believe her daughter’s pain.

“He fitted her in a cast, she smiled with redemption knowing she indeed was not faking, and I felt like the worst mom ever,” she wrote.

She briefly described what happened to Lila and then asked fellow parents a question, hoping other parents had made the same mistake.

“Anyone else discount their kid’s ‘injury’ thinking it’s nothing, only to find out it’s actually a very big something?” she asked.

Kristen received over 100 replies from fellow parents assuring her that she was not a bad mom for what she did.

Michelle told Kristen that she thought her son was fine and later found out he had broken ribs.

Danielle wrote that she didn’t think her son’s arm was really broken — when it was.

All of the comments left by fellow parents made Kristen feel a lot better.

The good news was that her daughter was so excited to get her cast and didn’t resent her mom for not considering she might actually have broken toes.

“I’ve never seen anyone so ridiculously happy about a cast!” Kristen wrote on Facebook.

“I not only took comfort in their own tales of parenting suckiness, but I laughed my a** off,” Kristen joked on her site.

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