Exhausted Mom Of 4 Needs 2 Jobs To Feed Family When Boss Says She Made A Change To Her Paycheck

by Amy P
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In November 2011, Tanna Marino was working as an appliance technician when she agreed to tape a pilot for a new reality TV show.

In it, a stranger would work with her for the day to decide if they wanted to go return to their career or quit and do something different.

Little did Tanna know that the show was actually “Undercover Boss” and her “coworker” for the day was wearing a disguise. It was really Dina Dwyer-Owens, the CEO of the company for which Tanna worked. Dina wanted to learn whether or not her company was living up to its values.

While getting to know Tanna during the show taping, she learned that behind the technician’s friendly smile was a struggle to stay above water.

Tanna was married with four kids and needed to get a second job to feed her family — despite the fact her husband was also working. Dina was touched to the core, and it was time for her to reveal her true identity.

Dina told Tanna that not only was she a wonderful wife and mother, but also an amazingly skilled technician in a male-dominated field.

Just one year after appearing on “Undercover Boss,” reported Tanna was working from home with more flexible hours to spend with her kids; she and her family moved into a bigger home; and she’d gone from appliance technician to corporate consultant.

In the video below, see Dina’s incredible surprise that allowed Tanna to change her life for the better.

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