Furious Mom Finds Letter In Mail From School Nurse About Son’s Appearance And Fights Back

by Amy Paige
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Natasha Lees is a mother-of-four and forensic psychology student from the UK. In January 2018, her five-year-old son Joshua underwent a routine health screening at his Roman Catholic primary school.

At the time, Joshua was 3’8 and weighed just over 42 pounds. He was always a very active kid. In fact, Natasha and her partner Michael, a fitness instructor, make sure all of their children stay physically active.

So, you can imagine Natasha’s surprise when she received a letter in the mail from the NHS nurse who administered Joshua’s check-up and had assessed the results. “NHS” stands for The National Health Service that provides public health services in the United Kingdom.

Not only was Natasha stunned by the overall content of the letter — which put Joshua’s health into question — but she also said the phrasing made her feel like there was something wrong with her eyes and even found herself asking family members if the nurse was right.

“I was shocked when I received the letter,” she said. “I think it is absolutely ridiculous.”

Furious, Natasha took her story to the public and blasted the school nurse. See what the letter said below…

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