Mom And Her Children Do An At-Home Dance Performance To Pitbull’s ‘Fireball’

by Angela Cook
Angela is a writer from New York City who loves existential conversation, songwriting, and practicing yoga. She graduated from the City College Of New York with a focus in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's degree in English. She believes that every art-form has the ability to inspire and influence, and plans to accomplish that within her writing.

Meet Jessica. Jessica is a mom of three kids and teaches classes at two locations in Knoxville, TN. You could say the art of dance is in her blood, being that her grandmother was one of the first people to bring Jazzercise to the East Coast.

In this clip, Jessica sets an example by working out while having your kids around.

She uses her YouTube fitness platform, Dance Fitness with Jessica, to introduce fitness and wellness to the masses, no matter what shape or size.

Rather than go film her dance routine at a gym, she found a way to film without losing time with her children. She performs an easy dance routine to Pitbull’s catchy song “Fireball” that anyone can use for working out.

Jessica’s dancing makes me want to get up and join her, just like this mom did when she danced her way through Disneyland.

Even though her children started strong and enthusiastically by joining her, they end up scurrying away during the top of the third minute of this video. From then on, the video just gets more and more entertaining.

Jessica stays focused in her routine regardless of all the in and out appearances of her adorable three children.

It’s beautiful to know that there are moms out there like Jessica who can empower other moms to find time for themselves to be healthy and have some fun!

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All credit goes to Dance Fitness with Jessica / Facebook / YouTube

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