Mom ‘Ready To Smack My Husband’ After Son Greets Her At Airport With Embarrassing Sign

by Sneha Goud

Michigan mom Barbara Nielsen received a big surprise from her son at the airport when she came home from a business trip.

And to say it was unexpected is very much an understatement. 

Nielsen’s 4-year-old son, Damien, held a sign that read, “Welcome home from prison Mom!” to greet Barbara. Nielsen’s husband, Brandon, made the sign and asked their son to hold it, and Brandon said Damien did not know what the sign said. Fellow travelers at Fort Smith Regional Airport also got a kick out of the sign, pointing and laughing at Damien proudly holding the sign.

Barbara was shocked when she saw the sign but figured it was a joke from her husband.

She said she was ready to “smack her husband” but noted, “It was cute when [Damien] was holding it with that big, beautiful grin of his. I just looked at my husband and rolled my eyes and was like, really?”

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, shared over 130,000 times and liked 80,000 times at the time of this publication. 

Though some parents would have been annoyed at the sign, Barbara maintained a sense of humor about the situation.

She has another business trip coming up, and Brandon said he is already brainstorming new ideas. Let’s hope Brandon doesn’t get too crazy; Barbara’s patience might run out!

Footage provided by KFSM Fort Smith

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