9-Year-Old Asks ‘Am I Not Pretty Enough?’ Then The Judges Fire Back With The Perfect Response

by Amy Paige
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At just nine years old, Molly Sings already knows how to belt out the notes during her blind audition on The Voice Kids Australia.

But the sentiment of the song is not lost on the judges, especially the female judges, Mel B. and Delta Goodrem.

The lyrics beg the questions: Am I not pretty enough? Is my heart too broken? Do I cry too much? Am I too outspoken? Don’t I make you laugh? Should I try it harder?

Kasey Chambers, the musician who penned the song, is a grown woman with life experience. But there’s something about hearing these lyrics sung by a little girl that really pulls at the heartstrings.

It’s heartbreaking to imagine a child having questions and insecurities like the ones mentioned in the song — and Molly does a great job of emoting these questions as she sings.

But the most heartwarming part of this performance is the reaction coming from backstage. Every time the camera pans to Molly’s mom, dad and brother, it’s clear all three of them are so incredibly proud of her. As each judge turns around in their chair, their eyes fill with more tears.

After Molly’s audition, Mel. B says she’s the best coach for her, and for very good reason — Girl Power! “You had control. When I turned around, you had confidence. I’m a girl, you’re a girl. I have four kids that are girls. So if I was you, from girl-to-girl, I would go with me.”

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