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Puppy Is Sad At Shelter, Until He Realizes He’s Looking At The Man Who Saved Him From Abuse

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

In 2013, Joey Wagner of Baie Ste Marie Animal Society heard about a severely abused pit bull puppy named Mojo who needed immediate care.

The three-month-old pup was starving, dehydrated and suffering from severe skin disease.

Joey refused to let the puppy, Mojo, suffer any longer. Despite the fact he only had mere hours to live, Joey rescued the puppy and brought him back to the animal shelter and rushed him to the hospital center. The pair then parted ways so he could heal and learn to trust.

After several weeks of rehabilitation, the medical staff wasn’t sure if the tiny puppy would even remember Joey.

But in the video below, you’ll see the powerful moment Mojo completely changes his demeanor.

But here’s the best part: After his recovery, Mojo’s fur stopped growing and his condition kept him from being placed on the adoption list. Who else but Joey decided to adopt him and give him a forever home he so deserved.

It’s clear these two have gone through something that will undoubtedly bond them for life. Bravo to this amazing hero, and his adorable new canine companion!

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