This Modern Tiny House Comes With Its Own Beautiful Rooftop Deck

by Beth Buczynski
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The tiny-house trend is still growing all over the world, and it’s truly amazing what some people have been able to do with just a few hundred square feet of space.

We’ve seen tiny homes made out of recycled wood, and old school busses, and there was even the woman who created a tiny home out of a $300 flatbed trailer!

Although actually living in a tiny house is quite different than drooling over pictures on the internet, the lifestyle still has a lot of people intrigued, which is why companies like Tiny Heirloom Custom Homes are finding such success in recent years.

The company, based in Portland, OR, is known for building tiny, portable homes that look simple on the outside, but are surprisingly luxurious and modern on the inside.

Scroll through the images below to see their latest incredible design — a portable tiny house with its very own rooftop observation deck!

Some people don’t equate the mobile home life with luxury and ultra-modern amenities.

But that’s only because most of us haven’t seen the amazing houses built by Tiny Heirloom.

“We are the very first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the U.S.,” explains the Tiny Heirloom website.

“That means, as a Tiny Heirloom Standard, from beginning to end, every detail is thought of and perfected. From framing to finish work, hours upon hours of detail and care are incorporated into a finished product that we can honestly and confidently call the best and most quality tiny home in the world.”

Nothing shows that better than this amazing “Sleek Modern” tiny home.

Built on a trailer that can be towed by a mid-to-large-size truck or SUV, this modern tiny house is absolute perfection.

It features a fully functional kitchen, cozy living area, gorgeous bathroom, and lofted bed/storage area.

Well-appointed with cabinetry, appliances, and small but functional furniture, this tiny home is just begging you to drive it somewhere out into the woods.

Can’t you see yourself curling up with a good book in these chairs?

Or perhaps brewing up a fresh cup of morning coffee while watching wildlife outside the kitchen window?

Even though it’s technically only one room, the Sleek Modern tiny house is so well-designed that you’d never feel claustrophobic.

Just look at this large kitchen, complete with tile backsplash and artistic light fixtures!

Few people expect to use the words “luxurious” and “mobile home bathroom” in the same sentence, but this bathroom defies expectations.

The sleeping area in the Sleek Modern tiny home provides plenty of room to stretch out  and you get a beautiful skylight for gazing at the stars!

But perhaps the most spectacular feature of this particular tiny home is the rooftop deck!

Anytime you might be feeling a little cramped inside, just climb the handy exterior ladder and you’ve got all the relaxation space you need (provided the weather is nice, of course).

What would you think about living in a tiny home like this? Tell us in the comments.

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