Little Girl Points At Swimsuit Model, But Mom Is Floored When She Asks ‘Is That Grandma?’

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Grandparents really are superstars. They are full of wisdom, knowledge, and of course, a never-ending well of love.

There will never be enough kind words to describe grandparents.

Little kids love their grandparents, maybe because Grandpa and Grandma have a bit more of a license to spoil them. I know that if I ever become a grandparent somewhere down the road, I’m going to shower those precious little nuggets with as much love as humanly possible.

When this little girl went shopping with her mother, she had quite the praise to give her grandmother — and she did it in a very strange but incredibly flattering way.

Normally, when a mom takes her daughter shopping, she might be worried about what her daughter thinks of all the stick-thin mannequins and images of models plastered all over the place. Being fit is great, yes, but everyone is different — not everyone is going to look like the images we see at the store.

However, when this little girl saw an image of a swimsuit model, she didn’t compare herself to the woman. Instead, she compared the model to her very own grandmother.

If I were this girl’s mother, I’d have laughed out loud right in the store, mainly because she is so adorable. But if I were this girl’s grandmother, my cheeks would turn bright pink with how flattered I’d be!

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