Amputee Continues To Model After Botched Surgery Despite Her Fears Of Rejection From Industry

by Emerald Pellot
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Rosalina Oktavia was supposed to undergo a surgery to correct a torn tendon, but things went terribly wrong.

The botched procedure severed one of her arteries, causing her skin to rot away.

Her lower limb had to be amputated, putting a stop to Rosalina’s modeling career. After marrying her husband, Rosalina moved from Indonesia to Singapore, where people weren’t as cruel about her situation.

“In Singapore, I wasn’t subjected to constant staring, but people would approach and ask me what happened. I always prefer if someone asks me instead of staring at me,” Rosalina told Caters News.

“I was looking at amputee models from USA and Europe online, and thought why I can’t be strong enough to show the world the beauty in me, just like they do.”

Rosalina’s husband is a photographer. Together they decided to restart her career — amputation and all.

“Modeling helped me to love my body and accept who I am. I know it gives other amputees hope and courage too,” she said.

She has since joined Models of Diversity as an ambassador to encourage people with all body types to enter the fashion and beauty industry.

“If you set your mind to do something, go for it. Do not let others distract you. Don’t let other’s opinion affect you,” Rosalina said. “Most importantly don’t let your differences or disabilities define who you are.”

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Photos: Caters News

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