Woman Hides Out In Middle Of Desert To Capture Stranger’s Runaway Dog Who Was Lost For 16 Days

by Jess Butler
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Margaux Hansberry and Jonathan Cline were driving to California with their rescue dog, Mochi, when they decided to take a quick bathroom break.

The couple left Mochi — whom Jonathan saved from a South Korean meat market — inside their truck with the window cracked open enough so that he wouldn’t be unsafe with the temperature for those few brief moments.

When they returned outside, they thought Mochi would be patiently waiting inside their vehicle. However, once they got to the truck, the couple realized he was gone. For the second time, his life was in danger, and he needed to be rescued.

According to KTNV Las Vegas, a security guard told the couple that he saw Mochi sprint off into the desert. When the couple heard the news, they were heartbroken.

In the video below, Jonathan explains, “We spent all night and the next day looking for him.”

The search for Mochi in the desert grew, and for 16 days, groups of people and drones scanned the desert looking for the lost dog. Margaux and Jonathan even turned to social media, a decision that ended up saving Mochi’s life.

A complete stranger had spotted Mochi in the desert and passed along the dog’s coordinates to a well-known animal trapper. The woman spent the night in the desert, setting up a clever trap to catch Mochi, and was finally able to bring him home to his owners.

Check out how this incredible woman trapped Mochi and saved his life for the second time in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad Mochi is safe!

Footage and photos provided courtesy of KTNV Las Vegas

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