Mom Records Hysterical Daughter Coming Off Anesthesia Worried About Missing Tongue

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

If you’ve ever been put under anesthesia before, you understand the feeling of going under and then coming back to planet Earth.

It’s commonly used for surgeries, when the pain of a procedure is too much to withstand while awake. So doctors put you in a sleep-like state and make sure you don’t feel a thing.

But as you’re coming off the medicine, you are usually very groggy and can sometimes even hallucinate.

Whether you’re acting more flamboyantly than usual, as if you’re a whole other person, or simply thinking that there are weird things going on that actually aren’t, you’re entertaining at the very least.

When Maria Pascarella had her wisdom teeth removed, her mom could not resist recording her crazy personality shining through.

She sits in bed, her cheeks swollen, as her mom starts recording. She’s all wrapped up, and she’s clearly confused.

She talks about wires, being attached to the wall, becoming a heated blanket, and having a dress on her finger, and she has some great spontaneous musical outbursts.

But the best part is when she starts talking about her mouth. She does not believe her “know-it-all” mother when she assures her that her cheek is still there, and when she looks down at medical wires, she thinks her tongue is out of her mouth too!

This hilarious video is a little something simple to brighten everyone’s day! She’s a character, to say the least!

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