‘Heroes’ Lead Cops To Texas Girl, 8, Who Was Abducted By Stranger While Walking With Her Mother

by Amy Paige
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On May 19, 2019, 8-year-old Salem Sabatka was walking down the street, hand-in-hand with her mother, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Out of nowhere, a car approached the pair. The 51-year-old male driver, a complete and total stranger, grabbed Salem in broad daylight and threw her into his vehicle.

Salem’s frantic mother tried leaping into the man’s car, but he shoved her out and fled the scene. Helpless on the ground, she watched the car speed off with her daughter inside — an unimaginable image for any parent. As Salem’s mother screamed for help, a neighbor’s doorbell cam captured some footage of the terrifying incident.

Police were steadfast in their search efforts, but they needed the public’s help. An Amber Alert was issued, and authorities shared photos of Salem on social media along with a description of the alleged abductor’s vehicle — a Ford Five Hundred.

For the next eight hours, authorities worked tirelessly to find the missing girl… but it was two Good Samaritans who ultimately turned the case around.

Two members from a local church saw the “missing child” posts on social media and decided to go out into the community and literally hunt for the Ford Five Hundred.

This determined duo have been hailed the heroes of the night.

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