Outraged Parents Discover Teens Keep Playing Facebook Game Where They ‘Go Missing’ For 48 Hours

by Jess Butler
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There is an alarming new social media trend that every parent or person with a teenager in their life must know about.

It’s a game that teens are playing on Facebook, and it has moms and dads up in arms. The game, which is being called the 48-Hour Challenge, started out in the UK, and it requires teenager to “go missing” for two days.

The worst part? If the teen’s family members make desperate posts online in an attempt to find them, the player will get a higher score.

Essentially, this online game is urging youths to disappear on their families and wreak havoc as a joke.

This definitely isn’t something that the police are taking lightly, either.

In the video below, posted on October 18, 2017, Detective Lee Tuttle from the CMPD’s Missing Persons Unit explains, “It’s disturbing because it’s something we take so seriously, and for someone to take it as a prank or a joke is very alarming.”

He urges parents to “tell them how serious that being missing is, and how big a deal it really is because of the emotional and physical strain on families, and then the resource strain on a police department such as ours.”

Talk to your kids about the 48-Hour Challenge and make sure they don’t fall victim to it.

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Jimmy Watts // Flickr / DeeAshley

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