Kindergarten Teacher Vanishes Without A Trace And 17 Days Later She’s Spotted Hiding In A Field

by June Rivers
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In mid-July 2017, a kindergarten teacher named Jamie Tull vanished in Modesto, California. The 33-year-old had reportedly crashed her car while driving alone, then hadn’t been heard from in the following weeks.

Jamie’s friends, family, and hundreds of volunteers scoured the area where her car was eventually found. Search and rescue teams posted her photos on social media and set up a website to help find her, but to no avail. Still, no one gave up in their tireless efforts to find her.

It had become a confusing and heartbreaking mystery that haunted her community.

17 days after Jamie went missing and just as search efforts were about to be scaled back, three ranchers found the missing teacher in the middle of a vast 7,400-acre ranch.

Incredibly, she was still alive and proved to be extremely strong and resilient.

County Sheriff Vern Warnke said that when he arrived, Jamie only wanted food and water and initially told him to leave. According to Fox News, officials said she went so far as to hide in a water tank during the search.

Because of her severe sunburns and exhaustion, she could barely move. She said she survived the extreme heat wave by eating bugs and drinking water from the nearby cattle trough.

As the mystery unfolded, a quite disturbing reason emerged for Jamie’s behavior. In the video below, see why rescuers believe that finding her was an absolute miracle. Thank God she was found and is now surrounded by her loved ones.

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Footage provided by KTXL Sacramento

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