UPS Worker Opens Up Package Missing For 4 Years, Uses Mysterious Photos Inside To Find Owner

by Emerald Pellot
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Randy Holst, a UPS Store owner in Golden Valley, Minnesota, spent four years with a package that never reached its intended destination.

“When it came back to us, we tried to find the sender of the package — that number had been disconnected,” he recalled. The sender and recipient had both moved, so the huge box ended up staying with Randy.

Afterward, he messaged strangers on Facebook — people he thought might be relatives, really anyone who might be able to help. It was during the second year of searching that Randy decided to open the box to see if there were any clues.

Finally, Randy ended up sending a Facebook message to the right person.

Tim Burchell, living in Florida, was stunned when he received the note about the mixing box. His stepsister had sent it to the wrong address and just assumed Tim had received the box.

“I was just flabbergasted. My mouth hit the floor,” said Tim. “Just a ton of stuff was inside it. Things I’d never saw before.”

There were photos of his father who died over 30 years ago, poems his dad had written for Tim’s stepmother, as well as artifacts from his dad’s career in the Navy. Most importantly, Tim pulled out the flag and dog tags from his father’s funeral service.

“One letter was from Ronald Reagan for service in the Navy, and the other was from Richard Nixon for service, too,” Tim said.  “It was just overwhelming.”

The missing box was more than a package; it was a son’s connection to his father’s past, parts of which he had never known existed.

And as for Randy — the man responsible for getting the package to Tim and helping preserve that connection?

“He’s exactly what everyone should be,” Tim added.

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Footage provided by KARE Minneapolis 

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