Woman Who Thought Her Cat Was Missing Discovers He Was Joyriding For Miles Underneath A Car

by Kelly Glass
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Cats do the darndest things. A woman in Utah is still wondering how her cat, Milo, is even alive after his latest stunt.

This missing cat rode under her car through several cities.

Jessica Mosher spent all day searching for the cat, even posting on Facebook in hopes of being reunited with him. “Everyone else is like ‘it’s just a cat, it’s not a big deal,’ and I’m like, it’s my baby,” she told Fox 13.

“Apparently he climbed up underneath my car, drove with me to Spanish Fork to drop my daughter off at daycare, drove with me to Orem at my work, stayed under my car the whole time,” she said.

“I don’t know how he stayed on because I wasn’t driving particularly safe either.”

Milo must have liked the ride so much that he ended up under the car of one of her coworkers. Joy Bylsma, Jessica’s coworker, was driving home from another job when she spotted something.

“This little kitten comes out from underneath my car,” Joy said. She took what she thought was a displaced kitten home with her, not knowing this was Jessica’s cat. It wasn’t until she saw Jessica’s Facebook post that she discovered the stowaway was Jessica’s missing cat. That’s when all of the pieces started coming together.

Find out how this story unfolded and what Milo’s been up to since this journey in the video.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City


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