Mom Missing In Woods For 4 Days Found Alive With Dog And Has A Chilling Survival Story To Tell

by Amy Paige
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Sheryl Powell, 60, recently headed to a very remote campground in California’s Bristlecone Pine Forest with her husband and their dog.

While Sheryl took their 5-pound poodle mix for a walk, her husband moved their Jeep over to the campsite. When he returned, Sheryl and their dog, Miley, were gone without a trace.

Authorities began a tireless search with the help of a helicopter and thermal detection. But the days turned into nights, and there was still no sign of Sheryl.

The missing camper could actually see the search helicopters, but the forest was too thick for them to see her. She spent days trying to reach higher ground, but it was nearly impossible.

She was physically depleted from venturing through the rough terrain for days on end, eating cactus and drinking water from a spring to survive.

Meanwhile, Sheryl’s husband was beginning to lose hope as more time passed. “I became half a man,” he told NBC. “I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”

On the fourth day of the ordeal, it was actually Miley who saved the day. The rescue team heard Miley’s barks and found her a couple miles away from the original campsite … but the little dog was all alone.

Within an hour, they finally found Sheryl. She was tired and filthy and dehydrated, but miraculously alive — and now she’s sharing her terrifying story about a man with a knife and how she got lost in the woods in the first place.

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