She Wins Miss Florida USA, But When They See A Photo Of Her Makeup Routine She Loses Crown

by Amy Paige
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On July 16, 2016, Genesis Davila earned the title of Miss Florida USA. She was slated to move up to Miss USA, and if she won that, she’d move up to Miss Universe — the highest title one can receive as a model.

Genesis was, as you can imagine, ecstatic and grateful.

But just days later, the gorgeous 24-year-old was completely stripped of her crown. But the reason may surprise you.

A few nights before the pageant took place, Genesis posted a photo on Instagram. In the photo, the beauty queen was getting her makeup done by a professional makeup artist.

However, according to pageant rules, contestants are supposed to do their own makeup.

Pageant producers said the photo was “substantial proof” linking Genesis to rule violations on an evening in which professional makeup artists were not allowed.

After other contestants complained, Genesis got the ax!

The makeup scandal led to many torn commenters. “They ALL have their makeup professionally done. But they were never stupid enough to POST a photo of their hired MAKE UP artist,” one viewer says.

“This was the dumbest reason to lose her title ever,” another writes.

In the clip below, runner-up Linette De Los Santos is crowned Miss Florida USA.

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