Wife Is Diagnosed With Miscarriage. 7 Months Later Husband Sees Baby In Sac On Bedroom Floor

by Amy Paige
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This is truly one of the most bizarre pregnancy stories I’ve ever heard. When Meredith was six weeks pregnant with her first child, doctors broke the heartbreaking news that she’d suffered a miscarriage. She and her husband Brandon were heartbroken.

Seven months later, Meredith began experiencing severe and sudden stomach cramps. Brandon stood by her side as she screamed out in the bedroom. Before they knew it, Meredith had delivered a baby right there on the bedroom floor. The only problem? Meredith had no idea that she was still pregnant! After all, she was under the assumption she had had a miscarriage seven months prior. To make matters even stranger, her water never broke and there were no physical signs of a continued pregnancy.

But there was another major problem. The baby was born still inside its amniotic sac, along with the placenta and umbilical cord, which meant the baby’s oxygen would be cut off if the sac remained closed. Brandon called 911, but less than a minute later, the sac popped on its own.

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Unfortunately, we do not have an update on Meredith and her family, but we hope they are happy and healthy. If you have any more information, please comment below!

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