Miranda Lambert Speaks Out As Wedding Rumors Swirl Around Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani

by Stephanie Kaloi

When Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorced in July 2015, fans of the couple were stunned. The two had appeared to be the perfect complementary couple.

When their split took a turn for the sour in a very public way, people quickly chose sides.

Now Miranda is speaking out about how her divorce and life in the public eye has changed the way she approaches her marriage to her second husband, Brendan McLoughlin. The two married a few months after meeting and having a whirlwind affair.

Miranda told People, “I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want, so when I know what I do want I snatch it right up.”

When the magazine asked if she believes in love at first sight, the country singer said, “I guess so. If that’s a thing. I have eight dogs and had love at first sight with them, too. Must be easier than I thought!”

After Miranda and Brendan got married quickly, fans clamored for more info about the two, which Miranda didn’t exactly love. Miranda shared, “I was married before, and it was a huge wedding and everything was very public. So was my divorce. I learned then that it’s not for everybody else. This is my actual life. With Brendan, I made it a point to keep it as private as I could for as long as I could.”

miranda lambert

Miranda and Blake first met in 2005 when they both performed on CMT. Blake was married to his first wife, Kaynette Gern, at the time. In 2011, Miranda said, “I knew he was married. I had seen their wedding picture in Country Weekly. I knew better, like, this is off limits. My parents are private investigators for God’s sake. I’ve seen this my whole life — affairs. Of all people to know better, I know better than this.”

After claiming he “fell in love with her, right there on stage,” on VH1: Behind the Music, Blake filed for divorce, and he and Miranda became official. In 2007, he said, “I think she’s somebody that I’m going to have in my life a long time. She’s one of those few people you meet and have a connection with and you don’t really fully understand it, but you know it’s a pretty big deal.”

Blake proposed to Miranda in 2010, and they got married in 2011 at Don Strange Ranch in Texas. Miranda’s mom told People, “Blake was staring so hard at Miranda when he was saying his vows. He said it like he meant it. He wasn’t stumbling around or being funny. And Miranda really cried.”

Miranda and Blake contended with long-distance love when he signed on to host The Voice in 2011. Miranda also spoke about wrestling with privacy while living in the public eye. In 2014, she said in a 60 Minutes interview that “the only private thing we have is our home and, if we don’t protect that, then we have nothing. We have to have something that’s just for us.”

After years of rumors about fighting in their relationship, Miranda and Blake divorced in 2015. Their statement read, “And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter.”

This was the same year that Blake began dating one of his costars on The Voice: Gwen Stefani. Gwen shared a photo with Blake in 2014, shortly after she came on board the show’s team. The caption was simple: “💓 him.”

gwen stefani

Blake announced his divorce in July 2015, and Gwen and her then-husband Gavin Rossdale followed suit with their own divorce announcement in August of the same year. Their statement read, “While the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment.”

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The two presumably bonded while talking about their previous marriages — and announced they were a couple rather quickly. In November 2015, with Blake’s rep issuing a statement that read, “Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating.”

Marriage and baby rumors have been swirling around Gwen and Blake pretty much ever since they became a couple. For her part, Miranda dated musicians Anderson East and Evan Felker, before meeting her now-husband.

Miranda married her policeman husband Brendan McLoughlin in January 2019, with her ex-husband finding out about the wedding the way everyone else did: online after it happened. Brendan allegedly brought his own personal baggage to the relationship, but the two appear to be happy together. Brendan’s son, Landon, was born three days after he met Miranda.