Couple Is Blessed With Identical Twins But Doctor Hands Mom A Terrifying ‘Contract’ About Them

by Amy Paige
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Jayde and Marcus were thrilled to learn they were having identical twin boys. Everything was going smoothly, until their 16-week prenatal scan.

Twins Jenson and Marcus had stage 3 twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), meaning the blood vessels of their shared placenta were connected. As a result, Jenson was receiving all of the important nutrients while Marcus, the “donor” twin, was not properly developing. The condition was also putting strain on both of their hearts.

Doctors told Jayde and Marcus that the boys would die without a very risky form of laser surgery. Even with the surgery, though, there was still a 65 percent chance that one or both twins wouldn’t make it!

The U.K. couple was desperate to give their boys the best chance at survival, so they went forward with the surgery. It was the only option, but a terrifying one at that.

Before the procedure, Jayde was given the heartbreaking task of signing paperwork to contractually acknowledge the fact that she understood the 65 percent chance that she could lose both twins. I can’t even begin to imagine how signing this “contract” must have felt.

Jayde was able to watch the procedure happen in real time on an ultrasound screen. A needle was inserted into Jayde’s womb and through Jenson’s amniotic sac. Then, the shared vessels were severed with a laser so each twin could receive his own blood supply. If the laser so much as touched the boys, it could have killed them. “Watching the surgery take place on the screen was terrifying,” Jayde told Caters News.

As if this wasn’t emotional and scary enough, Jayde and Marcus also had to contend with the possibility of their twins being stillborn. But wait until you see them 10 months after the laser procedure.

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