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Miracle Puppy Rescued In Rubble After Spending 1 Month Trapped Under Hurricane’s Destruction

by Amy Paige
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Hurricane Dorian was the most powerful storm to hit the Bahamas on record. The deadly storm claimed the lives of at least 60 people.

Many others were still missing in the days and weeks since the storm passed, and the same goes for so many beloved pets.

The team at Big Dog Ranch Rescue, an organization based in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, is now playing a vital part in saving the lives of hundreds of dogs affected by Hurricane Dorian, many who were separated from their families during evacuations.

The rescue has been working with the Bahamas Humane Society to clear shelter space, transport animals, and provide lifesaving supplies to the island.

Nearly one month after Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas, rescuers from the Big Dog Ranch Rescue turned to new advancements in technology to save one precious life.

Using a drone, the team was able to locate and rescue a 1-year-old dog who’d been trapped under piles of heavy debris for weeks.

It’s no wonder he has since been named “Miracle” because, as you’re about to see, that’s exactly what he is.

Footage provided by WJW Cleveland

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