4 Family Members Are Killed In Horrific Car Crash Except Miracle Baby Unscathed In Car Seat

by Emerald Pellot
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Four family members lost their lives in Detroit following a horrific car accident on I-94. The only survivor was a toddler named Josiah.

Amidst the wreckage, authorities found the baby boy unscathed. His mother, Alesia Maddox, was killed in the crash, along with her best friend, Josiah’s uncle, and the boy’s cousin.

Authorities believe it was Josiah’s baby booster chair that made all the difference. His family members were not wearing seat belts.

“His name says it all: Josiah,” said his aunt, Londa Nixon. (Josiah comes from the Bible, after a Hebrew king whose name means God has healed.) Londa added:

“We teased her about it — ‘You want his name to be Josiah?’ She said, ‘Yeah, I like that name. I don’t know the reason why.’ It’s just, like, a miracle that nothing’s wrong with him — nothing.”

A witness named John, described the harrowing crash. “The car came past, doing about 80,” he recalled, adding that it “flew past us, and then, he hit the wall and spun out of control.”

John and his father stopped to help the passengers, but everyone inside was deceased.

“That was the only thing that saved the baby — was the car seat. It was shocking,” John said tearfully.

Authorities are now urging drivers and passengers to always wear their seat belt. Josiah owes his life to the small safety measure.

“The child was the only one that survived and was the one that was actually buckled in,” explained Lt. Mike Shaw. “Speed and seat belts — it’s the main thing we talk about all the time. The simple fact of doing the speed limit will save your life.”

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