Cameras Catch Stranger Dumping Dog In Backyard, Then He Leaves A Note About Her Abuse

by Emerald Pellot
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Quincy Bui couldn’t believe what he was seeing. One day, the homeowner went out into his backyard and found a dog.

She was suffering from a skin condition and had clearly been abused.

Bui looked back at his security footage and discovered a man abandoning the animal in his backyard, then leaving a note at his doorstep.

“My dog is in your backyard. I cannot afford her. My husband beats her and I can’t let her live with us. I love her too much. Her name is Ruben-May. Thank you,” the note said.

“It’s just one of those crazy things,” Bui told reporters. “I don’t know what type of person would do this.”

Bui bought Ruben-May to an animal shelter in hopes that someone would adopt her — and it worked. Blaine and Amber Fuselier saw Ruben’s story on the news.

They renamed her Minnie and arranged to adopt her.

“We really wanted to fix the situation and give her the best home possible,” Blaine told Pet 360. “We went to look at her and just had to take her home with us.”

Minnie recovered from her skin condition, thanks to the folks at BARC shelter. The Fuseliers love Minnie and look forward to starting a new life with her.

Blaine said: “From the first day bringing her home, she has been so happy. It seems like she knows who helped her and she is so thankful to be alive every single day. She only wants to make us happy and be around us at all times. We have two other dogs in our household that she now calls brother and sister!”

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