Piper The Rescue Pig Becomes Best Buddies With The Neighbor’s Puppy

by Angel Chang
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A few weeks ago, a family in Tennessee saw a cold, little abandoned piglet, and decided to take her home and nurse her back to health.

The named her Piper, and gave her all the toys, blankets, and love that she could ever want.

The family already had a wonderful reputation of adopting animals that were badly in need of a home  especially pigs and dogs.

All of Piper’s adorable little adventures are documented on the family’s colorful Instagram account.

In one of the pictures, we discovered that the little piglet had made an amazing new best friend  the tiny puppy from next door!

Just as Esther the adopted “wonder” pig had found a lovely forever home, and changed the lives of countless people, gorgeous little Piper will surely spread love and warmth to everyone she meets.

Scroll on to see the adorable photos of Piper the rescue piglet, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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A few weeks ago, a family in Tennessee  known for rescuing pigs  adopted a brand-new baby piglet.

They named her Piper, and are now looking after her day and night.

Piper the rescue pig

The family runs an Instagram account named “kookieandkipper_minipigs” and is documenting the lives of all their rescue animals  including their pigs, a young puppy named Pico, an even a bearded dragon lizard named Tuney.

Piper the rescue pig

The family rescued Piper after finding her abandoned and helpless in the cold.

Today, Piper wants for nothing — she has all the toys, blankets, and new friends that will keep her happy for a lifetime.

Piper the rescue pig

Her favorite new friend, it turns out, is a tiny merle-coated puppy who lives next door.

In her waking hours, they play together, and even snuggle together during afternoon naps.

Piper the rescue pig

A video of their sweet snuggle session has been posted on Facebook by community page Animal Lovers.

Despite being best friends with the puppy next door, Piper is still incredibly close with all her friends at home, including scaly Tuney!

Piper the rescue pig

Piper’s greatest love, though, is perhaps still reserved for the softest blankets — she simply loves rolling around on them!

Piper the rescue pig

We definitely think that Piper is the most precious little piglet that we have laid our eyes on. We wish her a happy and healthy childhood!

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