Woman Boils Water In Teeny Tiny Pot To Make Food That Fits In The Palm Of Her Hand

by Phil Mutz
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For those who enjoy food but haven’t quite mastered the more advanced cooking skills — like me — it is doubly impressive to see the culinary abilities of someone so skilled as the woman in the video below.

Not only is she capable of making delicious meals from scratch; she is able to put a surprising twist on them, as well.

Each of her dishes is created using the tiniest of utensils and kitchen tools, from a mini pot to a teeny tiny rolling pin. And the finished products are all equally tiny!

Her miniature food is really so impressive to see. The finished dishes look absolutely delicious (although something tells me they aren’t quite as filling as one might hope).

Rachael Ray even admits that she’s never done something on such a small scale before.

The woman makes all kinds of yummy creations — a mini hamburger, tiny salmon and quinoa, and even super small sushi. I can’t even master the larger versions of some of these, so I can’t believe she’s able to make them fit on these little plates!

What do you think of these miniature food creations? If you could have any tiny dish, what would it be?

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