Mom Teaches Mini Pig To Swim Using Cheerios, Then The Pet Leaps Into The Water

by Lindsey Smith
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Briana had recently welcomed her family’s newest addition to the household in May of 2017. The mini pig named Pebbles fits right in with her furry siblings and turns out, she even loves to swim.

To teach the mini pig how to do the doggy paddle, or maybe it’s the piggy paddle, Briana grabs a handful of Pebbles’ favorite treats — Cheerios!

The footage she took giving her mini pig swimming lessons is so adorable! I had no idea pigs loved to swim so much! As you’ll see, Briana has the cereal in her hand then walks toward Pebbles so she can smell the treat.

One she takes a nibble of one she definitely wants more. Her mom backs up and then Pebbles takes a huge leap and dives into the water from the pool steps and paddles around happily. Even Briana is impressed by it! “Woo! Oh my goodness,” Briana says. “That was a big jump!”

This mini pig isn’t the only animal who loves to cool off in a pool. This otter has an absolute blast swimming around and this pup loves to relax on his back in his own pint-sized pool.

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Thumbnail photo: Wikimedia

Footage provided by Brianna Chavis and Pebbles the Mini Pig. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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