Broken Mini Fridge Is Totally Useless, Until She Turns It Into An Amazing Patio Cooler

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

There’s nothing better during the summer than sitting outside by a pool with a nice, cold drink in your hand.

The only problem is that if you finish your drink, you have to go all the way back inside to get another one — or drink something that’s been sitting outside in the sun too long.

You might think the solution is bringing a cooler with you, but if you’re trying to have a grown-up event, a plastic blue-and-white cooler can really kill the classy atmosphere.

Instead, try using a mini fridge!

I know, I know — you’re probably thinking, A mini fridge? Outside? Where would I even plug it in? And you’re totally right — it seems crazy.

But on a recent episode of the Rachael Ray Show, experts explain how you can easily turn any old mini fridge into a gorgeous patio cooler — and it doesn’t even have to be plugged in!

Because refrigerators have insulation similar to coolers, you can fill them with ice to achieve the same results.

By simply framing out the fridge in wood, using some paneling to cover the machine, and turning it sideways so the lid is at the top, you can make yourself a stunning outdoor drink cooler.

Watch the video below to see exactly how to make this simple mini-fridge cooler! And if you love DIY projects like this one, please SHARE this article!

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