Mini Cow Rescued From Auction Moves In With 12 Dogs, Now She’s Convinced She’s A Puppy

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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On March 1, Rocky Ridge Refuge, an animal sanctuary in Arkansas, introduced their 140,000 Facebook fans to the newest addition to their family: a sweet mini cow.

They posted a photo of the calf to Facebook, writing: “Let me formally introduce Moonpie for those that have been asking; she is a 6-7 week old miniature heifer (girl) that a friend found at a local auction. She is now a RRR cow!”

Calves this young should normally still be with their mothers, so when someone saw this sweet little baby at an auction, they knew she couldn’t just go to a farm — she needed to go somewhere she could get the proper care a baby deserves.

Because Moonpie was so little when she arrived in bad weather at the Rocky Ridge Refuge, she couldn’t stay outside with the other cows.

Janice Wolf, the founder of the sanctuary, decided to keep Moonpie in her bedroom with her. Inside the house, Moonpie quickly made friends — with Janice’s dogs!

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mini cow and dog

Little Moonpie was only 6 weeks old when people tried to sell her at a livestock auction.

At her age, Moonpie should have still been with her mother, but here she was being sold. Luckily, Janice Wolf’s friend saw Moonpie and knew she would thrive at Janice’s animal sanctuary.

moonpie and dog

Once she was brought into Janice’s care, Janice realized just how little Moonpie truly was.

The weather was so bad outside that the sweet calf couldn’t stay with the other cows, so Janice made Moonpie at home in her own bedroom.

dog and cow friends

Needless to say, Janice’s dogs were thrilled to have another friend to love.

They immediately took to Moonpie and started treating her like one of their own — and Moonpie loved it.

spackle and moonpie

“She accepts them as her buddies,” Janice explained to the Dodo. “Babies like that — they don’t know a whole lot about what it’s supposed to be, so they just kind of accept things.”

As for the dogs? “They are her surrogate moms. They clean her face, the way her mother would have. They love to do that,” Janice said.

moonpie and spackle

Although all the dogs love Moonpie, there’s one canine who won’t leave Moonpie’s side: a deaf bull terrier named Spackle.

Spackle and Moonpie do everything together, from napping to playing — they’re truly best buds.

rocky ridge refuge

Stories like this really warm my heart — it’s so great to see that even after the troubling beginning of her life, Moonpie is so happy and content now.

smiling dog and cow

Have you ever seen close friendships between dogs and cows before?

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