70 Foster Kids Get Kicked Out Of Home During Hurricane, Then Millionaire Says ‘Bring Them Here’

by Amy Paige
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When Hurricane Irma made landfall in 2017, a group of Florida foster kids spent days hunkered down in local emergency shelters. But as the storm dissipated, the foster care community was left without power and electricity.

In the end, 70 foster kids — ages 2 to 17 — along with more than a dozen adult caretakers, were evicted from their shelters with nowhere to go.

They hadn’t showered in days, their clothes were dirty, and they were absolutely famished. To top it all off, there was little to no assistance from county officials.

Hoping for some help, the foster care leaders decided to place a call to Marc Bell, a millionaire from Boca Raton, Florida.

Marc, who sits on the board of the SOS Children’s Villages – Florida, heard their pleas for help. Without hesitation, he responded with three simple yet powerful words:

“Bring them here.”

Just 30 minutes later, Marc and his wife Jennifer opened the doors to their $30 million mansion for the group of tired, hungry, and starving foster kids. They were given access to everything inside the 27,000-square-foot house, including the swimming pool with waterfalls, arcade games, basketball court, library, home theater, and more.

Marc and Jennifer assumed they’d be hosting the kids for a few hours, just until the power returned to their shelters — but those hours turned to days.

Watch the video below to see what happened inside the Bells’ mansion during the next 72 hours.

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