People Are Drinking ‘Milk Coke’ And Nobody Knows How To Feel About The Unusual Drink Trend

by Angela Andaloro

The internet can be thanked for bringing a lot of controversial food pairings to light, and this latest beverage might be one of the most polarizing yet.

When comedy writer James Felton tweeted about his fondness for “milk Coke,” he had no idea the internet would react so fiercely.

James claimed that the odd beverage combination (made by mixing Coke and milk together) is quite popular in Birmingham, England, area. Most people stateside had never heard of the beverage. Understandably, they were perplexed. Some people liken it to a root beer float, while others argue that the two are very different things.

Gizmodo took a look at the beverage combination from a strictly scientific standpoint back in 2015, giving this explanation: “The Coke loses its phosphoric acid, which teams up with calcium atoms from the milk to make tricalcium phosphate and hydrogen. The tricalcium phosphate precipitates out of the liquid and settles on the bottom. And nearly all of [C]oke’s color goes with it.”

That explains the milkshake-like look of the beverage, but how about the taste? Twitter is seriously conflicted.

coca cola

Coca-Cola is a staple among soft drinks. The beverage has been through a lot of iterations over the years, and it’s been an international favorite.

Of course, many households regularly have a supply of milk. The two aren’t usually connected to one another.

Comedy writer James Felton took to Twitter to mention that he loved mixing milk and Coke together. What ensued was pure chaos.

First of all, there were some people who were perplexed by the number of people who didn’t seem to know about milk Coke. The beverage is apparently quite popular in parts of the UK.

It’s not unheard of in the United States either. While the Twitter generation is unfamiliar, folks who watched Laverne & Shirley may remember the beverage being featured on the show.

Still, a vast majority of people claimed they were entirely unfamiliar with the beverage. They had a lot of questions.

Let’s just say that the answer to what you do with the curdled bits was not what anyone was looking for. People unfamiliar with the drink were positively shocked by the explanation.

Another common question was whether it had to be a certain type of milk and Coke specifically. Thankfully, the good milk people let us know about the variety of milk Coke out there.

As for ratios, you have to find what’s right for you. Twitter had some suggestions, but they varied quite a bit.

The curious and brave of heart tried it. Most actually enjoyed it after giving it a chance.

Many pointed out to the doubtful that it’s pretty similar to a Coke or root beer float. Still, some believe that they’re very different things.

While milk Coke definitely won some people over, there are still plenty of skeptics. If you have a problem with either drink, the combination of the two might not be right for you.

Both sides were treated equally by trolls. They had jokes about milk Coke day after day.

There are still quite a few people mulling this over. Could they like it? Would they hate it? When will the madness end? Is it when the deliciousness begins? What side of Twitter’s latest debate are you on?