Military Mom Put Sticker On Van, Finds A Stranger’s Touching Note About Her Sons On Windshield

by Amy Paige
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Jodi St. Clair knows firsthand how stressful and emotional it is to be a military parent. Her older son, 22-year-old Jacob, is serving in Korea.

Her younger son, 20-year-old Daniel, is in North Carolina.

Jodi and her husband decided to place two bumper stickers on the back of their family van. One reads “My sons defend our freedom,” and the other says, “Proud parent of a soldier.” It’s the kind of thing that invites outsiders to comment in both positive and negative ways which both parents completely understand, but Jodi could not be prouder of her two military boys.

One day, Jodi left her shift at the hair salon where she works and noticed a couple of things stuck on the windshield.

At first, she thought she was looking at a business flyer and a $20 bill, and assumed it was an impressive way to advertise.

But when Jodi plucked the paper from the windshield, she realized a random stranger had left a handwritten note for her to find — and the anonymous author had something she wanted to say about those bumper stickers on her van.

Moments later, Jodi was brought to tears. Now, she’s on a mission to track down the woman who left her the unexpected surprise.

Watch the video below to see what the stranger had to say.

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