Pregnant Military Wife Rents Out Home But Returns To Find The Tenant Was Sending Her Fake Photos

by Amy Paige
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Krystal Harris is a military wife whose husband is currently stationed overseas. The family rented out their home in Huntsville, Alabama, while they temporarily moved to Texas, 800 miles away.

Krystal is also seven months pregnant with their second child, which makes the following story even more disheartening.

While living in Texas, Krystal says Huntsville city staff kept sending her notices about the deteriorating conditions of her house. But whenever Krystal would receive updated photos of her home from her renters, she saw the lawn and interior looking just as clean and tidy as when she left it.

What the Harris family didn’t know was that the tenants were allegedly lying, sending her older photos of the property.

In August 2018, Krystal traveled back to Alabama to check on things — and walked into every homeowner’s biggest and most disgusting nightmare.

The second she opened the front door, she was hit with a putrid smell.

The renters had completely trashed the Harris’ home. Garbage and belongings were scattered across the floor. Food was sitting out, rotting away. Bugs were crawling everywhere.

The family was left to pay for thousands of dollars in damage, and the home was even deemed a biohazard.

And the troubles didn’t end there…

Footage provided by WHNT Huntsville

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